How To Sell Bitcoins On Ebay Without Getting Fleeced? Use Fedex

FedEx Cross Border offers simple, secure e-commerce technology that creates a more localized online checkout experience for your international customers. We can help you connect with a larger customer base and give your business the opportunity to grow on a global scale.

eBay and FedEx started piloting the Valet drop-off concept in Atlanta and Los Angeles, finding that the majority of customers using the program were new to selling on eBay. Bringing in those new.

Buyer Payment method Price / BTC Limits; jamiec2k7 (5; 100%) Cash deposit: bank of america. fast transfer. 9,769.90 USD 1,000 – 8,000 USD

How To Ship With Fedex On eBayPaxful lets you sell bitcoins safely and instantly using over 300 most popular payment methods.

Getting paid. eBay buyers around the world prefer to pay with PayPal, and you get paid faster when you accept it. It’s fully integrated into eBay, comes with handy tools for tracking and shipping your goods, and lets you accept payment seamlessly in any currency, without having to.

The next step is to list your item, making sure to select the "Freight" shipping option. In the item details section, indicate "Item ships using eBay Negotiated Rates" to let buyers know they are getting a discount. Next up, provide shipping charges to your buyer. These charges should be based on the discounted rates provided by your carrier.

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