Bitcoin Core Wallet 0.13.1

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27 Oct 2016.

The segwit soft fork is fully backwards compatible with all Bitcoin wallets, so you will continue to be able to safely send and receive bitcoins.

29 Oct 2016.

Amid a spike in transactions and price hike, the Bitcoin Core team has released its 0.13.1 update. Notably, this release is the first to implement.

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5 okt 2018.

Externe wallet bestanden. De -wallet=<path> optie ondersteunt nu volledige bestandspaden, waar voorheen de walletlocatie alleen in de '-.

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1 Nov 2016.

Last week, Bitcoin Core version 0.13.1 was released, officially bringing.

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Hardware wallets are considered safer. Experts say cryptocurrency is the most riskier investment.

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